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          What the heck is Civicmp?

          by DJ Kelly October 15, 2013

          Who’s behind these pencils? Where do pencils get their funding from? Pencils are nothing but a left-wing propaganda machine. One pencil wrote in cursive once so all pencils obviously n only be used the same way! I’m sorry, but I n’t help but play this game whenever I hear some folks talk about Civicmp in […]

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          You need to stop telling people what to do

          by DJ Kelly September 24, 2012

          Telling people what to do versus creating an environment that’s easy for them to figure out what they should do is probably the greatest leadership struggle I’ve encountered. I myself struggle with this nearly every single day and I’ve seen many, many others do the same. The benefits of the latter far outweigh the former. […]

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          Discipline and ‘stuff’

          by DJ Kelly August 21, 2012

          Good ideas come and go. Some of us have difficulty with the ‘coming’ of ideas – we work hard at having good ones and thinking them through – however everyone has difficulty with the ‘going’ of ideas. Implementing has a way to make a quitter out of many. When the going gets tough, the tough […]

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          #abvote Predictions

          by DJ Kelly April 23, 2012

          What’s an election without a couple of?predictions? And to avoid any of that “I said that would happen!”/”No you didn’t!” stuff I thought I’d write down a few of mine. (And instead revel in the multiple “Boy, was that guy way off!” that will no doubt come my way.) So here are my thoughts as […]

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          Tuesday, September 11, 2001

          by DJ Kelly September 11, 2011

          Every day has a story. But not every day has a story that changes so much in your life. For ten years I haven’t told my story beuse it’s not special or unique compared to anyone else’s, especially on that day. But I now realize that it’s an important story not compared to anyone else’s […]

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